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On Thursday, August 31st, 2023, a panel was arranged at University of Sulaimani about the Today’s environmental issues in Kurdistan are due to the wildfire burning, environmental pollution، and environmental education on this purpose، the University of Sulaymaniyah conducted a successful panel by collaboration between College of Environmental Sciences and Directorate of Forests and rengland in Sulaymaniyah. It is worth mentioning that a variety of attendees from the university presidency، the governing parties of the administrations، members of parliament، the provincial council، the governing institutions، the private institutions، the organization’s NGO، teachers، employees and students eagerly participated in the discussions until the end of the panel، and the guests eagerly expressed their condolences to the problems، and this activity coincided with#worldwaterweek2023.
This activity was the full covered the topic of the 17 sustainable development goals(17SDG) .

During the panel, the risks and factors which cause damage to the environment were explained. The risk of forest and grassland fires during the summer season was also addressed, with concrete data on the past occurrences of such fires in Sulaymaniyah during the summer season. The panel also included a discussion about pollution as an outcome of the decrease of the grassland/forests along with its effects on the health of people and the temperature of the region.

The plans and the measures to save the environment were also discussed by the experts and the representatives of the affiliated directorates during the panel. Experts also remarked on the proper environmental education to raise awareness about the importance of the environment and how to encourage the newer generations to love and protect the environment for the good of all.