The Environmental Electro Library (EE-library) is the only electronic source for Research papers, Articles, Books, Journals and other environmental activities related to Environment in Kurdistan that are already published in the (KRI) by (Researchers, Activists, Universities, academics, organizations, local media and others sources).

The main goal of EE-Library

Create an online window for environmental resources through the website, also the link to the environmental resources were published locally in Kurdistan and hard to reach to their users, in addition sharing the collected environmental resources in three different languages; Kurdish, Arabic and English.

Mission and vision

Our Mission the idea behind this website is to collect all the references and activities related to Environment in Kurdistan and create access to the environmental resources that are already published or available on the shelves of the libraries of colleges or universities as a hard copies but they are out of reach for students and academics. Moreover, it will facilitate the search for particular papers and environmental activities especially at the time of lock-down also for those who study abroad. It is worth mentioned that such a library does not exist in Kurdistan region and Iraq. At the same time to internationalize the local resources.

Our visions to create a window for environmental resources in Kurdistan/Iraq to be internationally available in a form of; research paper, book, audio-library, video library, update of environmental legislations and anniversaries, environmental events, conferences, panels, video researches), we hope in the future we can make EE library as a first publisher for environment related papers.

Term and condition

Our term and condition: first of all, when they downloaded and used any reference respect the effort of authors by cites their papers. Second, who visits and uses the website must follow the page from the social media to get the latest update.

Audience and user

The direct and indirect user of the website includes but not limited to the following group: Students, Researchers, Academics, Universities, Education system, Ministry of Higher Education, environmental entities, none governmental organizations specially those who focusing on environment, Volunteer groups, people with special needs.

Academic Staff

Zhino Khalid Mohammed, Lecturer, University of Sulaimani, College of Agricultural Engineering Science, Natural Resources Department.

Shagul Abubakr Ali, Researcher at Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research, Engineering Department.