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Animal and Bird Trade and Hunting in Iraq

By May 9, 2022June 11th, 2022Research

Author: HA Raza, O Fadhel, K Ararat, MK Haba

Author contact:

Publisher: Nature Iraq, Sulaimani

Place: Sulaimani, KR


Hunting and wildlife trade is a critical issue throughout modern day Iraq. It is practiced openly in
southern and central Iraq and covertly in the north of the country. These practices are fueled by
harsh socio-economic conditions, weak and unevenly applied laws regarding animal trade and
hunting, and a lack of scientific study, making the severity of animal trade very difficult to assess and
act on accordingly.
Most zoos in Iraq exist primarily as purely financial ventures and in some cases represent a major
staging point for the import, export, and trade within Iraq of exotic animals. Zoo in Iraq generally
provide extremely poor living conditions for the animals in their care and zoo staff usually have little
to no awareness of their needs.
This report seeks to document and analyze these threats and provide information on what action
can be taken to improve animal welfare and conservation in Iraq

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Raza, H.A., Fadhel, O., Ararat, K., Haba, M.K., Salim, M., Bachmann, A. and Chappell, B., 2011. Animal and bird trade and hunting in Iraq. Nature Iraq, Sulaimani, Iraq/Ministry of Environment, Baghdad.

Issue date: 2011

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