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Ethnobotany of the Hawraman Region of Kurdistan Iraq

By May 12, 2022June 11th, 2022Research

Author: Saman A. Ahmad, Ali A. Askari

Author contact: College of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sulaimani
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Publisher: Harvard University Herbaria

Place: Hawraman /KR


An ethnobotanical survey was carried out in the Hawraman region, southern Kurdistan, Iraq. A total of 64 plant species belonging to 30 families are currently utilized in various traditional uses, including local foods, medicines, tools, gums, fodder, tanning, and dyes, among others. Data were gathered from local markets, where various plant parts were sold, as well as from interviewing elderly villagers. For each ethnobotanical entry, the species, plant family, and Kurdish names are given.

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Saman A. Ahmad and Ali A. Askari “Ethnobotany of the Hawraman Region of Kurdistan Iraq,” Harvard Papers in Botany 20(1), 85-89, (30 June 2015).

Issue date: 30 June 2015

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