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Floristic Study of Azmar-Goizha, Sulaimani/Kurdistan of Iraq

By June 28, 2022Books

Author: Saman A.Ahmad,

Sarbakh Salih

Publisher: Kurdistan Botanical Foundation, Sulaimani, Iraq

Place: Sulaimani – Kirkuk Main Road, Raparin, Sulaimani, Iraq.


The Azmar and Goizha are located in the Kurdistan Iraq Region of Sulaimani Governorate. It is part of the extensive Zagros Mountain Steppe ecoregion (World Wildlife, 2007) or the Kurdo-Zagrosian ecoregion (Zohary, 1973). The Azmar and Goizha mountains are well known to all residents of the Sulaimani Province and, because of their proximity to Sulaimani city, they are considered one of the most convenient recreational and residential areas in the region. The natural habitats and their flora and fauna are disappearing at a terribly alarming rate. It is certain that the destruction of habitats and disappearance of species and plant communities will continue at least at their current rate.

KBF team conducted very intensive field survey in 2014 and 2015. Plant specimens were collected from different parts of the mountains in different seasons including highest peak,plains, foothills and reverines. In all 117 locations (Waypoints) were surveyed and about 4,075 specimens belonging to 76 different families. All specimens are deposited in the herbarium of Kurdistan Botanical Foundation. And currently KBF team are woking on identifiation and making the check list for the plants in the mountain.

Issue date: 2016

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