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Impact of some Petrol Station and Oil Refinery on Soil and Groundwater pollution in Slemani City, Kurdistan Region-Iraq

By May 10, 2022June 11th, 2022Research

Author: TO Abdulla, P AlJaf

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Publisher: ResearchGate

Place: Sulaymaniyah/ KR


The crucial role groundwater plays as a decentralized source of drinking water and other human utilities
for thousands of rural and urban families cannot be overstated. Groundwater is generally less
susceptible to contamination and pollution when compared to surface water bodies. Also, the natural
impurities in rainwater, which replenishes groundwater systems, get removed while infiltrating through
soil strata.
Groundwater from aquifers is an important drinking water resource, which is, however, particularly
vulnerable to contamination. In addition, in the previous century, Human activities have had a
significant impact on surface and groundwater, leading to the release of several types of pollutants.
Slemani City is located in the northeast of Iraq, and it is under growth in terms of the human
population, construction, factories, petrol station development, therefore, groundwater under the
hazardous of pollution.
The concept of “paying for our past” has become an undesirable reality that all related parties in any
contaminated asset; land, water or air have somehow come to terms with since the second half of the
past century. Industrialization and frequent incidents of oil spillage in the developed countries as well as
in almost every country are considered to be some of the most common reasons for the pollution of the
environment in the past and present (Harris et al, 1994).
Despite the wide presence of contaminated sites in many countries, only those which are considered for
redevelopment are investigated and required steps toward remediation are taken. These sites are mainly
happened to be in the urbanized areas that underlain contaminated soils or ground water. Due to the
long industrial history of Kurdistan cities in general and the City of Slemani in particular, which have
been or still is in contact or adjacent to some types of pollution associated industries and activities are
often areas of concern. Distribution and storage of oil and benzene, chemical industries, sewage works,
oil refinery and municipal waste disposal are a few of the well-known activities that are associated with
contaminated land.
Three different sites have been selected to observe the main objective of this desk study including
(Goezha (Chalaka) and Aqary Petrol Stations and Slemani Oil Refinery Directorate).

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Abdulla, T.O. and AlJaf, P., 2014. Impact of some Petrol Station and Oil Refinery on Soil and Groundwater pollution in Slemani City, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

Issue date: February 2014

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